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Stewardship, the sharing of one’s time, talent, and treasure, is a central tenet of the Episcopal faith. The Ministry’s purpose is to ensure that each one of us has a unique opportunity to contribute as a faithful steward and to grow in our Christian faith. While Stewardship leads the annual fall pledge campaign, a Stewardship Ministry is broader in scope and encompasses a year-round effort. Stewardship as Ministry brings our hearts and our gifts together to grow God’s work.

After speaking with many congregation members, many of the themes that emerged is that St. Peter’s in the Woods is warm, welcoming, loving, and in service to others. Some of the quotes included, “A Holy Spirit-filled and unique church,” “Surely God is in this place!,” and “You will always be surrounded by people who will be glad you are here.” The Ministry Committee took those sentiments and distilled them into a vision to guide Stewardship.

Giving. Serving. Belonging.

We give so that we can serve and in serving we belong to this wonderful community and to God’s Kingdom.

If you are called to walk in this journey with us – to explore the interconnections between your faith and Stewardship, please contact Anne Hooper. We would love to have more members engaged in this work to grow this Ministry.

To support the church financially, please visit our Giving page.