• Susan Hartzell


    The Very Reverend Susan Hartzell was formally installed as Rector of St. Peter’s in the Woods in October of 2018. Read more.


  • Rev. Guimond Pierre Louis

    Guimond Pierre Louis

    Assistant Rector

    The Rev. Guimond Pierre Louis is the assistant Rector at St. Peter’s in the Woods. He comes from the countryside of Haiti where he grew up with two courageous farmers as parents and 4 siblings. Read more.

  • Heidi Jones

    Heidi Jones

    Parish Administrator

    Heidi Jones has spent her life educating, healing, and serving others. Heidi has been a member of the Episcopal church for over 20 years. Read more.

  • Jenni Dunn

    Jenni Dunn

    Director of Music

    Jenni is thrilled to be joining St. Peter’s in the Woods as the new Director of Music! This August, Jenni will begin serving as the Director of Choral Arts at Gonzaga College High school in Washington, D.C. Read more.

  • Bart MacMillan


  • Walter Purdy


    Walter Purdy serves as our sexton.

  • Nardjis Latreche

    Nursery Supervisor

    During the week, Nardjis works for SACC (School Age Child Care)… read more.


  • Tom Keithly

    Sr. Warden

  • Brett Hooper

    Vestry – Jr. Warden

  • Tim Ashmore

    Vestry – Outreach

  • Linda Bilotti

    Vestry – Community

  • Harry Johnson

    Vestry – Outreach

  • Glenna Martens

    Vestry – Faith Formation

  • Eric Menge

    Vestry – Community

  • Tracey O’Malley

    Vestry – Faith Formation

  • Jennifer O’Rourke

    Vestry – Worship

  • Fran Stockwell

    Vestry – Worship

  • Mari-jane Trombly

    Vestry – Youth