Wellness Corner

It’s back to school season! Students of all ages are getting ready for a new year and this can be an exciting but stressful time for students and parents alike. Here are some suggestions to help ease the transition from summer to school time:
– Share information. Visit the school, find their lockers, review their schedules, meet the teachers.
– Talk through anxieties. Take time to listen to your student’s fears and hopes for the coming year.
– Create a plan of action. If your kid had trouble in math last year, tell him/her that you will take steps to get them more support this year, and then follow through.
– Get reacquainted with old friends. With summer camps and family vacations, sometimes your kids don’t see their school friends until that first day back. Help your child reconnect with friends a week or so beforehand to get reacquainted. —Play dates or, for older children, an easy end-of-summer BBQ are great ways to do this.