Meal Ministry

Frequently Asked Questions, St. Peter’s in the Woods Meal Ministry

What is the Meal Ministry? 

The Meal Ministry is a dedicated team of volunteers that steps in and provides meals to people who are going through challenging times – illness, death of a loved one, surgery, birth of a child, or any time of need.

How does it work?

Requests come through the office and are shared with the Meal Ministry coordinators who, in turn, reach out to our team of volunteers. You’ll be asked to make one meal, or sign up for as many as you like.

Where do I deliver the meal?

It will vary. Sometimes people pick up the meals at church on a Sunday, other times it works better for the meals to be delivered to their door. You may be invited to visit briefly with the person receiving the meal.

Does the meal need to be homemade?

No!  Meals can be store bought – prepared meals from the grocery store, or a rotisserie chicken, bag of salad, rolls, etc. are all fine! Of course if you’d like to make something from scratch, go for it! The goal is to provide a well-rounded meal and ease the burden for the person receiving the meal.

Who do I contact to learn more?

Barbara Harris, or Carol Hebbe,